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About ICWI Jamaica

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The ICWI Group (ICWI) is recognized in Jamaica as a leading provider of motor and property Insurance.
Founded in 1968, ICWI has constantly maintained a strict adherence to underwriting discipline – the
foundation of its success. ICWI currently has offices in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, St. Maarten and has just begun writing in St. Kitts through an Agent. Our operations also include a 53% share of Turks and Caicos First Insurance Company Limited, and 95% of Cayman Insurance Centre, a leading Brokerage in The Cayman Islands.
On the strength of our 40 years of experience we intend to continue our expansion throughout the region to leverage the risk diversification and operational efficiencies and benefits that scale provides.

Mission Statement

To be the leading General Insurance Company in the Caribbean, providing the highest levels of service, excellent employment opportunities and optimum profitability.

The Chairman’s Perspective

In 2009, ICWI celebrated its 40th anniversary of being launched and demonstrated excellence in the business of general insurance. ICWI was incorporated on 6th November, 1968, and launched on 21st May, 1969. At the time, most general insurance business in the West Indies was transacted through agencies for foreign insurers, with most of the income generated being remitted to overseas head offices, with limited benefit being derived locally.

The ambition which fuelled the Company’s establishment, as well as the business insight and dedication which have powered it through, have made insurance synonymous with ICWI, demonstrative of the integral role the Company plays as the first wholly owned Jamaican general insurance company.

From the inception, it was determined that the development of ICWI in Jamaica and the region would be best achieved through a policy of growth by acquisition. Thus, over the past forty years, there has been a realization of this through the acquisition of a number of established companies in the insurance industry. This facilitated expansion into the Bahamas, Haiti, Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos, the US Virgin Islands, and the Windward and Leeward Islands.

ICWI’s entry into the Bahamas resulted from its acquisition in 1979 of Motor Owners Mutual Insurance Limited (MOM) which had operated there for many years. In 1989 ICWI assumed liability for policies issued by MOM; represented locally at the time by the Tracey Pinder Agency. Thereafter the local representation was transferred to General Insurance Brokers and Agents Ltd. (GBA). In 2008 ICWI (Bahamas) Ltd. was formed as a subsidiary company The ICWI Group of Companies.

Society formulates its demands on the insurance industry by legislation and other forms of regulations. This touches upon most aspects of the business; its legal arrangements, the wording and validity of insurance policies, the provision of reserves, the taxation of the business as well as of individual policy holders and the investment guidelines for funds held in trust.

Regulatory change is sweeping through every country in which we operate, all of which will impact our future operations, some more than others. ICWI’s Board of Directors has taken a positive view of these changes, as apart from helping to assist the regulators, the disciplines they demand will contribute to better informed management decisions and have other profound business benefits.

The need of insurance reflects the need of economic security. We believe in a development where ICWI, in the light of its experience in providing service, will shoulder greater responsibilities in attending to various forms of security and service, all as complementary to the measures of society. Examples of areas for efforts of this kind include the traffic and residential environment, rehabilitation and schooling. Our social responsibility role recognizes that employees significantly contribute to the welfare of communities through volunteerism and the ICWI Group Foundation demonstrates our dedication to the development of human beings as the region’s most valuable resource, through support for education.

Proper business practice required that great attention should be paid to satisfying the customer, our relations with one another and society at large. Against this background, the Company’s operations are guided by a Code of Ethics which provides general guidelines for professional behaviour.

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