Motor Accident or Fire Claims

How to make a claim

Submit within 30 days of incident:

  • Completed claim form
  • Copy of driver’s licence
  • Certified Copy of Ownership
  • Copy of certificate of insurance or cover note covering loss date
  • Lien discharge (where applicable)
  • Duty waiver (where applicable)
  • Fire report (where necessary)
  • Repair estimate

If estimate exceeds policy excess, an assessor (and possibly an investigator) will be appointed.

On receipt of report(s), settlement will be determined less any applicable excess.

For total loss settlements, if ICWI opts to take the salvage, original vehicle documents (including certified copy of ownership) and keys will be required. Letters of undertaking to the mortgagee to release title, or to the Finance Ministry to waive duty concession, may be required. Upon receipt of all documentation, our release will be issued.

ICWI may either source parts for delivery to repairer, or authorise the repairer to source parts. Upon completion, a satisfaction note must be signed and submitted with the repairer’s final bill, and then a cheque issued.

Cheques are issued within 5 working days of receipt of signed release, or satisfaction note and final bill.