Third Party Claims

How to make third party claims

Submit to ICWI within 30 days of the accident:

  • Estimate of repairs
  • Original assessor’s report
  • Any photographs of the accident scene and damaged vehicle(s)
  • Wrecker bill
  • All original invoices of expenses incurred
  • Coverage letter (where applicable)
  • Proof of ownership of property (if damage is to property other than a motor vehicle)
  • Police report (where necessary)
  • Eyewitness statement (where necessary)
  • Driver’s licence information for ICWI’s driver
  • If currently uninsured, a letter from last insurance company and the Certificate of Title

ICWI may appoint an investigator to ascertain the facts of the accident, if necessary.

Once settlement is approved, we will issue a release.

Once signed release is received, we will issue a cheque within five working days.