Things happen – but being prepared for them provides the peace of mind you deserve.

Personal Accident & Personal Accident Travel

We provide a safety net whether you are close to home or far away. Our Personal Accident policies protect you in the event of accidental injury or death.


We all hope for the best but know that it is best to be prepared for the worst. Your burglary insurance policy will provide coverage against losses incurred as a result of theft by forcible and violent entry.

Goods in Transit

You can’t always make the journey with your precious goods. ICWI provides coverage against damage to goods during transit as a result of fire, theft or accidental means.


Need to send your deposits to the bank? Need to collect the cash for payroll? A cash bag might not be enough security. Don’t leave your cash exposed. A Loss of Money policy covers your cash during transit to and from the bank as well as on your premises, during business hours and outside of business hours.


A broken window can leave your business exposed to the elements. ICWI will help to keep you safe and dry by replacing any broken glass in your building.

All Risks

Your possessions are important to you. But if they are lost or stolen, can you afford to replace them? Ensure that you protect your valuables by insuring them under an ICWI All Risks Policy today.