Third Party Plus

Want more from your standard Third Party policy? Upgrade to Third Party Plus and add a bundle of excellent benefits to protect you more!


Accident Forgiveness

An accident doesn’t have to be the end of the world anymore…

You’ve worked hard to protect that No Claim Discount, yet in a single moment, one accident can wipe it all away. ICWI offers Accident Forgiveness, which safeguards your No Claim Discount.*

Accident forgiveness is an optional cover that can be added to your motor policy.

Personal Accident Cover
Your Personal Accident cover will increase to $5,000 for death/dismemberment and $250 for medical expenses. We care about you – and we believe that if you or a loved one is injured, immediate access to funds should be the last thing on your mind.

Roadside Assistance
ICWI’s Road Emergency and Accident Control Team (Forensys) will provide you with comprehensive, 24-hour emergency roadside and accident assistance no matter where you are (service currently limited to New Providence).