Theft Claims


How to make theft claims

Submit within 30 days of incident:

  • Completed theft claim form
  • Copy of driver’s licence for last driver/ custodian
  • Original/ certified copies of vehicle registration documents
  • Original certificate of insurance, loss declaration or cover note for date of loss
  • Lien discharge (where applicable)
  • Last valuation of vehicle (where necessary)
  • All keys

Obtain a police report with a letter provided by ICWI. If vehicle documents are stolen, ICWI will provide you with letters to retrieve replacements.

We will appoint an investigator to compile a report. Once received, a settlement decision is made less policy excess.

If vehicle is subject of a lien, we will issue a letter to obtain a release of the title.

On receipt of police report, documents (including endorsed title) and keys, we will issue a release for your signature.

Cheque is issued within five working days of receipt of signed release.